The sun, remember it? It's that sphere of light and heat that keeps us all alive and makes our brains function. Well, eternal optimists Eton has announced a new pair of devices aimed at getting free energy from the sun, and helping us all to save the planet.

Of course, the company is based in California, so its sun-related tech is perfectly feasible there. But even so, a range of speakers that can be charged by the sun does excite us, because solar power excites us. And why does solar excite us? Well, because as gadget lovers we feel our electricity bills are quite high enough as it is.

The Eton Rukus Solar XL is a very different to the company's regular Rukus. It has a flip-out solar panel, to catch all those lovely, free, rays of energy. There's a strap to keep your device attached, and safe, and it has Bluetooth. It can, of course, also be charged in more traditional ways.

The Rugged, on the other hand is designed to take the stress of being carried around all day. It's IPX 4 splash resistant, so you could probably take it to the pool, or the beach, without too much worry. We can see it being incredibly popular with people about to go on gap-year travels, for whom mains power might be out of reach at times, and who spill beer on things from time-to-time.