As Marley fans, we're always keen to see the latest kit from House of Marley. There's plenty of it forthcoming this year too, including the brand new Get Together Bluetooth audio system, which will be making its way into shops around three quarters of the way through 2013.

With the typical Marley style, the Get Together audio system is finished with FSC certified wood and branded with the Marley logo. The unit is small enough to tuck into any room, or it can be unplugged to deliver audio outside on the merit of its built-in battery alone, whether on your balcony or in the garden.

Two 3.25-inch woofers deliver the guts of the audio, while two smaller dedicated tweeters deliver the high-end sparkle. When we checked out the system on the House of Marley stand there was already a wall of sound from the resident DJ, so we've not had the chance to give our ears the Get Together experience as yet.

But on visuals alone, and at a very reasonable £170 asking price, it seems a well-balanced audio option for the home. All the better thanks to Bluetooth connectivity for wireless playback. Or, if it suits, there are wired audio inputs too.