House of Marley has released its biggest, boldest speaker product that's powerful enough to appeal to midnight ravers, trenchtown rockers and all those genre-surfers in between.

The One Foundation speaker system is big; a full arm-stretch across kind of big. More than large enough to make a striking centrepiece in any room for audio lovers. More so striking thanks to its real oak wooden front which, like the rest of the Marley range, is FSC certified. It really does look glorious.


There are four main drivers to power out the audio and, although we don't have technical data as yet, we did get a good, loud listen courtesy of Bob Marley's son Rohan. Even in a busy room crowded with people - and we really do mean crowded - the dominant force was the One Foundation which could output quite the racket.

There's a smooth, blue-lit volume dial on top of the soundbar-like device, or audio can be handled via an included remote control too.


Input-wise we spotted the same Jamaican-flag-coloured cord to deliver DC power, but there are also ports for Toslink, SPDIF, RCA and two AUX inputs as well as a subwoofer output. There's also AirPlay for wireless streaming of audio from source devices. Talk about ensuring that every base, including the high end, is covered.

Available in the autumn, we have only a US price of $800 confirmed at the moment. Pricey, but then it's quality enough to make us Want More.