Along with its Ferrari F1 inspired premium headphone range, Logic 3 has launched a set of over and in-ear 'phones designed around the Italian sportscar manufacturer's GT motor vehicles.

The Ferrari Cavallino Collection is aimed at those who prefer a more subtle, refined audio and aesthetic experience to the Scuderia Ferrari line-up (including the P200 pit crew-inspired cans we tested at Silverstone on the eve of the British Grand Prix). And there is no better example of this luxury focus than the Ferrari by Logic3 T250 headphones - lamb's-leather bound and as beautiful as a Ferrari 250 GTO.

Like their racing-centric bedfellows, the T250 headphones come in a gorgeous carry case, along with a selection of fabric (anti-tangle) cables. There are two with in-line mics, one for Apple - which also includes volume controls - and one for everything else. And there's a separate cable for those who don't need the microphone.


An aircraft adapter is included, as is one to add a 6.3mm hi-fi plug on the end. And as the T250 headset folds for easy storage, there's a moulded section to stop it rattling about.

The headphones themselves feel very solid indeed, with the arms made from machine-crafted metal. They're sturdy and the hinges feel as if they are built to last.

Running along the headband is the previously mentioned lamb's leather, which is exactly the same material as used on the interior of modern Ferrari sports cars - a design tie-in that's much welcome. It also wraps around the exterior of each earpiece. A silver "Prancing Horse" adorns the centre of each "can".


Having tried them both at Silverstone and in and around London, we can safely say that the T250s are extremely comfortable to wear. The breathable materials on each ear cup aren't the same as the exterior lamb's leather, but is just as soft, if not more so.

In audio terms, the Ferrari by Logic3 T250 headphones are a closed-back design (unlike the P200s), so are more isolating - for both the listener and those sitting next to them on the Tube.

There is a 40mm driver in each ear which, when combined, keep a deft control over a stereo soundfield. Like with the cars themselves, there's plenty of growl, but with a touch more elegance than the Scuderia Ferrari range, for example.


Pocket-lint was told by Logic3 that this was done on purpose, as the Scuderia headphones were for a more bass-loving demographic (although even those don't sacrifice fine control as much as some other big-name headphones we could mention). The Cavallino Collection is designed to offer a flatter response, although we did find that bass notes were meatier than on some middle-of-the-road peers.

These specific headphones don't feature noise-cancellation technology, but we're not overly sure they need it. A separate set is coming with ANC (T350), but we wore the T250s on London's Tube system and we could hear every nuance just fine. We also find some active noise cancellation can actually hurt the ears after a while (from the pressure), so you wouldn't want it perpetually on for everyday use.

Costing £229 and available in both black and tan (the pair we saw at Silverstone), the Ferrari by Logic3 T250 headphones are now available from top retailers, including Harrods. Find out more information from Logic3's dedicated microsite at