Pushing out the jah rastarfari eco beats this Christmas is set to be another boom box from the House of Marley. Meet the latest iPhone amplifier known as the House of Marley Get Up Stand Up dock, the latest addition to the company's Freedom range of audio products.

Less portable than the Bag of Rhythm - or the "Bag 'o Riddem", as we presume it's supposed to be pronounced - the Get Up Stand Up is a two-channel, all-in-one system with 2 x 4.5-inch woofers and 2 x 1-inch tweeters that, gimmickry to one side, actually sounds pretty good. It'll push out 40W across the two sides together, which you can adjust to your needs with the remote control that slots in neatly just over the back.


Of course, one of the biggest selling points is going to be the way it looks. If wood's you're thing, then you're in luck. It looks to be hewn from a single piece of timber and fashioned into a nice, curved shape. Just a shame there has to be a big, plastic, black box to house the workings glued on to the rear, making the eco-side of the equation just a facade. As we say though, the real point is that it sounds good.

There's surprisingly little on the rear in terms of connectivity - just stereo RCA slots and a 3.5mm audio-in too; apart from the dock connector on the front, of course. What's more, there's no portable battery-power option but, then, if you want that, it's probably the BoR that you're after; that or...

...The House of Marley Chant. The Chant is a simple, portable speaker encased in a hemp-look, reggae cosy. All you do is twist the thing at the top to turn it on, plug in your music through the 3.5mm jack or micro USB slot, lie back and get irie. Power comes in the form of 4 x AA batteries at the bottom and also over USB too.

The House of Marley Get Up Stand Up will be available to buy in late September from Amazon et al at £349 and the Chant speaker can be had at £49.99. Don't give up the fight.

House of Marley Bag of Rhythm pictures and hands-on