At its most basic level, SoundFreaq's Sound Stack is an iPad, iPod and iPhone dock that's not too extravagant in the looks department and, thus, would sit happily anywhere in your home. However, start to run down the features list and you'll see that there's much more to the unassuming black oblong.

It's actually larger and heavier than you'd think (3.18kg) and it is capable of beefy, mighty volume before distortion creeps in (your neighbours would visit before audio issues), but it's crowning feature is Bluetooth support - meaning the dock part of the dock needn't be utilised at all.

In fact, the dock connector is pretty much there only to charge devices rather than play audio from them - that's not to say you can't, just that there's not much point in owning a Bluetooth-connected speaker system if you're not going to use it.

The other upshot is that the Sound Stack is just as compatible with Android handsets as it is with Apple's. There's even a USB charge point around the back, so iOS-envy need not raise its ugly noggin.

SoundFreaq also supplies apps for Android and iOS that will add remote control to your handset/speaker solution combo, so you don't have to mess with other media players.

What's most important, of course, is the audio quality itself, and Pocket-lint is very pleased to say that this is more than capable of doubling as our primary sound system. And that's because the SoundFreaq Sound Stack features a 2.2 configuration, two drivers and two bass units, with the last adding the meat to the potatoes.

The system also uses SoundFreaq's proprietary UQ3 technology, which widens the sound field. And, from our testing, it works in that it can help fill a medium-sized living room.

Even though there are two subs, the Sound Stack is perhaps surprisingly not over-heavy on its delivery, there's a clarity in there them hills, and we found it was just as capable with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds as it was De La Soul.

It'll be interesting to see if SoundFreaq adds Airplay support to a future model, in order to cope with lossless material (something its current Bluetooth connectivity can't promise), but in performance terms, from our briefs tests, it's happy to munch away on mp3s without any trouble whatsoever.

The SoundFreaq Sound Stack (SFQ-03) is available now for between £250 to £300. Check out for more details.