The House of Marley, the eco-friendly audio company set up in the name of the late reggae superstar, was in London's Silicon Roundabout at the CES Unveiled event on Thursday to show off its range of headphones and earbuds.

But it was the Bag of Rhythm iPod / iPhone dock that caught Pocket-lint's eye - probably because it reminded us of our yoof when we used to hang around a local car-park with nothing more than a piece of vinyl flooring, a hat and a boombox to keep us entertained. Quite the break-dancer we were, or so our hazy cheap-cider infused memories tell us.

The Bag of Rhythm is probably built with a different intoxicant in mind, and a more greener setting than a Asda car-park, but the boombox comparisons are fairly obvious.


It works off of the mains, but it's the battery pack option that makes it a portable winner (it can also run off of 6 D batteries) and you can pop on a different bag should you not fancy the army-style green option.

Tech-wise, there's not much to it - it'll dock your iPhone or iPod and there's an aux-in port should you be using a non-Apple device.

It'll be hitting the UK in Q1 2012, no word on pricing as of yet - we'll keep you posted.