If you were alive in the 80s, you almost certainly have a Jean Michel Jarre album lying around your house. Lately, Jean Michel Jarre has turned his musical hands to another domestic certainty: the iPod dock.

Of course this being Jean Michel Jarre, things have to be a little different. How about 3.3 metres tall and 400kg different, along with a purported price of £350,000?


Described by the Jarre Technologies press release as "half machine, half work of art", the massive iPod dock was shown off on the Jarre stand at IFA in Berlin, so we moseyed on over to take a look. 

Essentially it’s a huge version of AeroSystem One, Jarre’s £700 pillared iPod dock, but is so tall that you need a ladder to dock your iDevice.

Jarre said: "AeroSystem One is the result of my thinking and technical research and AeroDream One, launched here, its most elevated - literally - and amazing manifestation so far. It’s fantastic, but it’s no fantasy."

Okay, so it is described as a prototype, but the details also tell us that it packs in HD multi-directional sound. Unfortunately the stand was ghostly quiet when we arrived, with no sign of a single laser anywhere.

Slightly out of the limelight on the Jarre stand were the AeroPads One and Two, a pair of docks designed for the iPad (but also supporting iPhone and iPod).

AeroPad One will set you back €499 whilst the larger AeroPad Two is an impressive €699. Both will be available from February 2012, pre-orders open now on Jarre Technologies’ website

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