High-end audio specialist Cyrus has introduced a new range of streaming products including the all-in-one Streamline. We went along to the Bristol-based Sound & Vision Show 2011 to get a closer look.

There are three models to choose from in the range, but priced at £1,600, the Streamline is the most affordable by far, although you will need to shell out extra for some loudspeakers to go with it. Based on the same platform as the flagship Stream XP, the unit itself is very compact and the brushed metal finish gives it a premium look. Equipped with a 2 x 30W power amp, the Streamline has everything you need to stream music wirelessly around your home from a NAS drive (with the addition of some speakers, of course). If the built-in power amp doesn't offer enough juice for you then the product offers the flexibility of adding more powerful amps.

As well as looking slick, the Streamline is very easy to use and also has a USB port so that you can hook up an iPod or portable storage device. There's also an Ethernet port in case you prefer a wired connection. Cyrus recommends streaming WAV files for the best results, as there are uncompressed so you shouldn't lose any audio quality along the way.

The Streamline uses the brand's n-remote network-enabled handset control. This two-way remote makes it easy to browse through your music library using the screen, and it also has infra-red learning capabilities to that it can be used for other products as well.

It was a little hard to test out properly, as the remote was mounted on a large, wedge-shaped display block at the show (presumably to stop it from going walkabout). However, it was clear that the remote is a fairly hefty beast with the large display making it quite long. The buttons felt a little strange, although we were assured that this would be rectified on the final retail version. Apart from those issues, the remote was very easy to use and made it a breeze to navigate around the music library.

The audio quality that we heard from the Streamline was very impressive, although obviously this is going to be affected by your choice of loudspeaker

The Cyrus Streamline is due out in mid-March and will set you back £1,600.