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(Pocket-lint) - V-Moda is a company known for its headphones, headphones that perform rather well under review as it turns out. So with that product category taken care of for now, the company has turned its hand to creating a Bluetooth speaker. The Remix is just that, but it has a few little tricks up its sleeve.

Just in the same way you can customise V-Moda's headphones with different plates to go on the ear cups, you can customise all six sides of the Remix speaker with 3D printed parts. As a base product, it's only available in CNC machined aluminium or vegan leather, but after that you're able to choose from a wide range of pieces to swap out to create a completely unique speaker.

Materials start with a lightweight matte fiber, with prices ranging from $40 up to $250, you can choose from five different versions of steel from $140 - $2,000, the sides can be customised with raw brass or bronze for $3,500 or sterling silver for $4,500. If you have a really deep wallet and want to emblazon your Remix speaker with 14-karat gold-plated and rhodium sides, you can for $5,000, with pure 14-karat gold for $130,000, or for the super rich among you, you can opt for platinum sides for $370,000. We'd say the materials on offer could comfortably make the Remix one of the most expensive Bluetooth speakers we've come across.

Of course, if you're spending that amount of money, you're going to want your speaker to sound good. And thanks to a new glass-fiber diaphragm and long coil drivers, coupled with a rear-mounted bass reflex port, V-Moda says the Remix has the capabilities to be used for monitoring duties during mobile recording and production.

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V-Modav moda remix bluetooth speaker has a built in headphone amp and can cost up to 370 000 image 2

You can plug in a pair of headphones too and use the Remix as a headphone amplifier, with V-Moda claiming performance is comparable to headphone amplifiers costing $200 or more.

The built-in rechargeable battery - via USB-C - promises up to 10 hours of playback time and a built-in microphone will let you use it for hands-free calls. Two Bluetooth devices can be connected to the Remix at any one time and an unlimited number of speakers can be daisy chained together to create larger, more powerful sound. The Remix can also connect to the Amazon Echo Dot, either via Bluetooth or by using the included cable.

There's certainly a lot going for the V-Moda Remix, and Pocket-lint hopes to get one in soon for review. In the meantime, you can buy your own for €300/$300, with customisable parts being available from V-Moda's website.

Writing by Max Langridge. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 24 March 2017.