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(Pocket-lint) - Ultimate Ears makes some fabulous speakers, many of which are portable, deliver plenty of bass and some are even waterproof so they will float if you drop them in a pool or bath.

The company has recently launched a personalisation service too though, which brings a whole new dimension to the brilliant Boom 3 speaker. The personalisation service - called MyBoom Studio - allows you to completely customise a Boom 3 speaker and have it delivered between three and four weeks.

You can choose the fabric pattern, colour of the end caps, colour of the volume buttons, colour of the spine down the rear of the speaker, colour of the loop at the top of the spine and you can add 20 characters of text, allowing you to create a really unique speaker.

There are 14 fabric patterns to choose from, eight colours for the end caps, volume buttons and spine colour, and eight colours for the loop. We've now got a Pocket-lint Boom 3 taking pride of place in our office and it looks great.

The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker first launched in August 2018 and it offers the same internals as the excellent Boom 2 for 360-degree sound, but it introduced a refreshed design with a two-tone fabric and a different control interface on the top. 

The control interface has a Magic Button in the centre, which allows users to play, pause and skip tricks directly on the speaker without their phone. The Boom 3 is also IP67 water and dust resistant, it floats and it has a Bluetooth range of 45-metres. 

The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 costs £129.99 for a standard model or £149.99 for a MyBoom customised model through the Ultimate Ears Studio.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.