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(Pocket-lint) - Ultimate Ears has removed Alexa support from two of its most popular Bluetooth speakers.

The UE Boom and Megaboom speakers no longer offer the "tap-to-talk" functionality after an update to the dedicated app for Android.

That includes the UE Boom 2 and Megaboom 2, plus the new models coming soon.

UE claims that the move comes as it wants to focus on "core features" instead: "The new update to the Boom & Megaboom app is focused on enhancing the core functionality of the speakers. As part of that update, the Alexa tap-to-talk feature is no longer supported," it told Engadget.

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"As we look to provide the best experience across all devices, we are focusing resources on the current app and improving our core, most widely used features. For hands-free voice control with the great sound of Ultimate Ears speakers, we recommend Ultimate Ears Megablast and Ultimate Ears Blast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart speakers with Amazon Alexa."

The feature, therefore, will remain on Megablast and Blast - two speakers that are internet connected and that seems to be the issue with the Boom and Megaboom. With neither of the latter speakers having no internet connection, just Bluetooth, they relied on a connected mobile phone for Alexa voice support.

That made them fairly limited as "Alexa-enabled" devices anyway.

It's just a rare instance of Alexa support being taken removed as most companies are scrambling to add it to their products.

Writing by Rik Henderson.