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(Pocket-lint) - Ultimate Ears has added support for Amazon’s Alexa assistant.

UE has become more of a household name since its inception by then-Logitech (now just Logi), since releasing a variety of Bluetooth speakers to the market. The first UE Boom, released back in 2013, was one of the best small-scale portable speakers we'd ever heard, all things considered, and when the UE Boom 2 came out two years later, we said it offered an equally premium sound in a still-portable package.

Now, with support for Alexa, which is available as an over-the-air update in the UE Boom and Megaboom apps, you can access the full Alexa experience on the UE Boom 2 speaker as well as UE's Megaboom speaker. These are some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy, so this update essentially makes them even better, and it gives Amazon's own speakers a run for their money.

After all, Amazon's Echo lineup often get dinged for its so-so audio quality. So, if you want Alexa with great sound, look no further than UE. To activate Alexa, however, you’ll need to press the Bluetooth button on the speaker. Unfortunately, that means it's not always-listening, which is something you can get through Amazon's Echo and Tap devices. Nevertheless, it's still a welcomed upgrade.

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With Alexa support, you can ask Alexa to adjust the volume on your UE speaker, as well as give you details about a song that's currently playing, stop a tune, go to the next one, and more. The update should be rolling out now. You can learn more from UE's support page here.

Writing by Elyse Betters.