Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and that's even more the case with the latest Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears: The UE Roll, which is shaped like a biscuit. 

The new speaker from Ultimate Ears features 360-degree sound, six colourful designs, and the promise that it features the same "essence of the original UE Boom," according to its makers.

Small enough to be worn, the idea is that you attach it to yourself via a one-of-a-kind attach-and-go bungee cord, or hook it to your hiking gear while you backpack before wirelessly connecting it to your smartphone.

The UE Roll has a waterproof and "life-resistant" shell, comes with a 9-hour battery life and a 20m wireless range.

An accompanying app for both the iPhone and Android will let you wake up to your favourite music, remotely turn the speaker on, and even double the sound by pairing it with any other Ultimate Ears speaker.

UE Roll is expected to be available in the US and in select countries in Europe and Asia later this month. It will cost £99.99.