UE has announced a new Boom model, this time going smaller with the UE Wonderboom.

The Wonderboom carries all the hallmarks you'd expect from the family. It's solidly built, waterproof and comes in a range of funky colours - grey, black, red, blue, pink and lilac. 

There's a big 360-degree sound coming from this compact speaker, which is about 105mm tall and about 95mm across. That means it fits nicely into your hand, like a little musical grenade. 

That's perhaps a fitting description too, as the UE Wonderboom brings signature loud performance, surprising for its compact size, while also being the perfect size to throw in your bag, throw to your friends and take your music just about anywhere. 

There are large volume controls on the side of the speaker, with a top power and pairing button. As with other UE Boom speakers, the Wonderboom can be paired up with another Wonderboom for instant stereo. 

That makes for a great instant party speaker, good for 10 hours of music, with a reported Bluetooth range of up to 30 metres. 

The UE Wonderboom will be available widely for £89.99 from April 2017.