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(Pocket-lint) - Ted Baker has announced its own portable audio range, including headphones and a Bluetooth speaker, all exquisitely designed in that retro Ted Baker style.

Sticking to Ted Baker's quirky style, the new devices are all named after parts of The Shipping Forecast, giving that traditional British resonance that Ted is known for.

The Rockall are an over-ear headphone model that claim to have sought its industrial design inspiration from the cockpit of a Supermarine Spitfire, fusing a leather look with brushed metal finishes.

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They look distinctive, a world away from the black and silver plastics that are all too common. They're comfortable too, well cushioned and doing a good job of isolating you from outside noise.

Although the models we tried were pre-production, they're dripping with quality, both in design and in sound quality.

We sampled a few tracks and found a nicely balanced mature delivery from them: not too heavily weighted towards the bass, but perfectly capable of delivering it when needed. Ted Baker isn't making any audiophile claims, but we're happy to say they sound better than some of the "fashion" headphones we've tried in the past.

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The Rockall headphones are a folding model, with detachable cables and will be available in a range of colours. We were quite taken with the brown leather, but we're sure that the pairing of white and gold will catch the eye of many.

If you're after in-ear headphones, then the Dover model is the one for you. We didn't get to see these in the flesh, but they look to offer the same fusion of colours and materials, as well as promising dynamic audio.

If you want to share your music, then the Fastnet Bluetooth speaker will be of interest. With looks that remind us of the retro charms of Leica cameras, the Fastnet speaker has a folding design, again fusing leather and metal for a distinctive look.

Foregoing the fashion for touch controls, Ted Baker has opted for prominent buttons, so there's no mistaking what you're doing when you hit the leather-clad power button.

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Inside the Fastnet speaker is a 5cm full-range driver and we found it to have a nice warm, rich delivery from the brief time we had listening to it. 

The Fastnet will also double as a speakerphone and offers a 3.5mm connection in addition to the apt-X enhanced Bluetooth. It promises 6 hours of music, perfect for that summer picnic.

We're impressed by what we've seen of the new audio line from Ted Baker. This isn't just a case of sticking a logo on a set of headphones, it looks like a considered approach to offering something desirable, without compromising on audio quality.

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The Ted Baker Fastnet Bluetooth speaker will cost you £199.99; the Rockall headphones will cost £179.99 and the Dover in-ear headphones are £59.99.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 28 May 2014.