(Pocket-lint) - The Pure Elan IR3 and I5 are Spotify Connect speakers and internet radios that’ll supply tunes on holiday as well as at your bedside.

Most Wi-Fi speakers need to be plugged-in. It makes sense: they need Wi-Fi, and you don't usually find that in the middle of a field. The Pure Elan IR3 and IR5 are a bit more dynamic, though.

You can use them plugged-in, or bung in four AA batteries to use them wherever you like.

This is where the difference between the two models comes to the front. The Pure Elan IR3 is a Wi-Fi speaker. The Elan IR5 also has Bluetooth. Consider the upgrade if you want a speaker that’ll work wherever you take your phone.

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As well as Spotify Connect, both speakers have an internet radio interface and 12 presets to stop you having to constantly sift through the tens of thousands of stations found online. Unlike most other wireless speakers at the price, the Elan IR models have a 2.8-inch screen.

At 200 x 115 x 53mm, the Elan twins are a little less portable than a UE Boom 2. But they’ll still fit into your case for a weekend away if you can bear taking one fewer pair of Converse.

The Pure Elan IR3 costs £84.99, the Bluetooth-added IR5 is £99.99. Both come in black and white finishes.

Writing by Andrew Williams.