(Pocket-lint) - Brit audio firm Ruark has announced the MRx – a mid-size compact aptX Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker. It’s the company’s first foray into a fully connected speaker; there’s no DAB here, for example, though you can stream internet radio stations of course.

The 30cm-wide device supports Spotify Connect in addition to Deezer and Tidal, with Amazon Music support also coming soon. And even if your music service isn’t listed you can, of course, use Bluetooth.

Ruark likes to design aesthetically-pleasing devices and the family-owned company offers two finishes for the MRx, a walnut veneer or a soft grey lacquer (we prefer the walnut). The speaker can be mounted vertically or horizontally on its stand.

The company has opted not to include Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay in the £400 unit, but it does have an aux input so you could connect up a Chromecast Audio or Amazon Echo Dot.

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There’s also a USB port so you can play music from a memory stick or handily charge a device. We obviously haven’t tested it yet, but we have powered the Echo Dot from speaker USB ports previously, so that should be the case here.  

Ruark AudioRuark’s stylish MRx connected wireless speaker boasts Spotify Connect and more image 2

As well as Bluetooth, it’s a fully-fledged Wi-Fi speaker so you can use it with the Ruark Link app for control or to team the device with the company’s R2 streaming music system and R7 radiogram units for a multi-room system.

You don’t need to use the app though, there’s a familiar Ruark circular control mounted in the centre of the grille that provides easy input switching and volume control.

The custom 75mm full-range neodymium drivers – mounted as a stereo pair - are based on the company’s successful £200 MR1 Bluetooth speakers. They’re powered by a 20W two channel Class A-B amplifier, which should provide plenty of punch.

The Ruark Audio MRx will be available from May.

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Writing by Dan Grabham.