Sony is claiming a first today but, after all its Bravia and 3D cries, it's the humble PC speaker that does the business. The SRS-GD50iP 2.1 channel set for Mac, Windows or Linux machines comes with an iPhone/iPod dock to attach directly to your portable device and synch with iTunes.

It has a wireless remote, a 40W sub-woofer, 2 x 10W satellites and it's available now.

However, if you're after a little more bite and performance, Sony has also released the SRS-DB500 set. Again, they're a 2.1 channel device for your computer but the sub offers 150W and the smallers give 2 x 75W, and the added power is supported by the S-Master Full Digital amplifier technology as found in Bravia TVs and Walkman units.

You can connect the speakers via 3.5mm jack or RCA to your games console and the final stop is pulled out in the shape of the Deco lighting system for the colour lamp vibes.

This nic-named MU-TE-KI system is also available now.