Sony has announced the launch of four new, next-gen models of desktop speakers to its SRS range.

Boasting that the range offers, "superlative technology wrapped in head-turning design," unsurprisingly the company suggests the range is the perfect match for its Vaio PCs.

The SRS-D25 is described as compact yet powerful. A 2.1 offering, it delivers a total 25 Watts with a "hatbox" style sub-woofer.

Available in urban black, luxury pink, blazing red and pure white, the speakers get built-in controls and dual inputs for use with both PCs and portable devices - complete with internal magnetic shields to prevent noise interference.

The SRS-M50 claims to offer portability for those on the move with their MP3 players and notebooks.

A 5 Watt two-piece stereo array, the SRS-M50 weighs in at 270 grams. Both speakers slot together for carrying with integrated storage for the cabling and plug.

With a choice of running the device from mains power or three AAA batteries, the M50 is available in urban black, luxury pink and pure white.

The SRS-Z50 is also a two-piece system with speakers featuring a 38mm Neodymium driver unit with a reflex port for claimed rich bass reproduction.

There's also an integrated amplifier, magnetic shielding and dual inputs for using a phone or MP3 player alongside a PC.

In addition, the Z50 offers a headphone output. This model is available in urban black or pure white.

Finally, the 20 Watt SRS-Z100 is aimed at those "seeking the best" from their desktop audio.

This two-piece active system gets a minimal design and black-only finish. Each speaker contains a mid-range driver with a reflex port that Sony says provides an enhanced bass response and a tweeter for detailed and crisp high frequencies.

Pricing and availability for the systems is to be confirmed.