Sony claims to have designed a CD player with a difference in the SCD-XA5400ES.

This is the first Audio CD player which allows the transfer of Super Audio CD’s native Direct Stream Digital audio format over HDMI, via a new AV receiver - the STR-DA5400ES.

If you use the new player with other amplifiers or AV receivers, it uses an in-built conversion system to deliver stereo analogue audio as stereo analogue or conventional multi-channel audio via HDMI.

But, as well as Super Audio CDs, this new player will also play good old, old-fashioned CDs, as well as CD-R/RW discs.

Now turning to the STR-DA5400ES AV receiver - this has six HDMI inputs and two outputs, so if you are, for example, lucky enough to have a LCD TV and projector - you can connect both up and then switch between the two just by hitting one button.

It also boasts 7x130W output, and works with Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration and BRAVIA Sync tech.

It supports HD video formats including 1080/24p, Deep Colour and x.v.Colour – and can upconvert and upscale video from standard definition sources up to 1080p.

Two further models complete the new ES AV receiver range.

The STR-DA3400ES and STR-DA2400ES both offer 7 x 110W output, compatibility with the latest audio formats and eight-channel Linear PCM, video upconversion and upscaling to 1080p, plus 1080/24p, Deep Colour and x.v.Colour pass-through.

Each also has Sony’s Digital Media Port, Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration and BRAVIA Sync.

There's no prices as yet but we'll keep you posted.