Sony's looking to let Apple iPod owners share their music around their home with a new speaker dock announced in the US.

Called the S-AIRPLAY, the new system will allow users to create a wireless multi-room solution without, say Sony, "complicated setup requirements".

According to Sony, you plonk your iPod or iPhone into the device and then can stream that music up to 50m around your home to separate S-Air wireless speakers you've got dotted around your home like in the bathroom.

The system will come with one docking station and two S-Air wireless speakers, but it can transmit to up to 10 speakers simultaneously for those feeling like they really want to feel the noise.

Those bored of their iTunes catalogue can opt to listen to the FM, not DAB, radio and this can be streamed to another speaker in another room at the same time someone else is listening to the iPod.

The speakers also incorporate sleep timers and an alarm clock function and there is a remote control for the lazy.

The new gadget will cost around $400 with additional speakers costing around $130.

We are awaiting confirmation from Sony whether this will be available in the UK.

We will keep you posted.