Sony Europe's IT Peripherals division has announced the launch of the SRSZX1, a "unique high-end" 2.0 speaker for PCs.

The SRSZX1 is aimed at those who use their PC as a multimedia centre and are "looking to experience a fuller and richer sound range" for gaming, music and DVDs.

The SRSZX1 claims to provide the performance of a 2.1 speaker in a compact 2.0 unit, complete with a 40W output.

With an aluminium finish, complete with a remote control and dual inputs, the Sony SRSZX1 is available from April at an estimated price of 299.99 euros - around £235.

SRSZX1 key features, in Sony's wording:

- Mobius Duct technology - minimises wind noise usually experienced from compact speaker systems and enhances the bass sound range
- Turbo Shift technology – changes low frequency bass range previously inaudible by human ears to a range that can be heard for increased bass
- Sigma-Type magnetic circuit - secures 1.5 higher magnetic flux density to reproduce powerful sound
- Sturdy/Thick aluminium extrusion moulding - enables fast propagation of the sound, reproducing clear and euphonious sound