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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Europe’s IT Peripherals division has extended its PC speaker range with the introduction of five 2.0 PC speaker systems.

The lifestyle-orientated products include two mid-range desktop PC speakers (SRS-Z510 and SRS-A212B), two entry-level desktop PC speakers (SRS-A201 and SRS-AX10s), as well as one portable speaker system (SRS-M30) that complements the existing SRS-T10PCV on the travel speaker segment, and the high-end SRS-ZP1000 Hi-Fi PC speakers.

The full range from Sony, who are looking to extend their market share in this area, now looks like this:

SRS-M30 – Ideal for those on the move

* 39mm Neodymium driver for sound clarity
* Slim portable design with built-in slot to attach pair speakers into one unit for portability and cable storage
* Two-way power supply: battery and AC adaptor

SRS-T10PC – For frequent travelers

* Compact and light travel speaker system
* USB bus power for use without AC or battery power
* Stand design and integrated wire storage box for easy transport

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SRS-A201 – For clear sound in a small casing

* 57mm white cone type unit for a clear sound
* Modern design suitable for both PC and portable audio

SRS-AX10 – A unique and stylish design

* 21mm Neodymium driver and built-in digital amplifier for sound clarity
* Unique floating speaker cabinet
* Control switch on stand

SRS-Z510 – Powerful, high frequency speakers for superlative sound

* Built-in Mega Bass feature and 55mm Sigma driver for a powerful and clear sound
* High frequency (60-40,000Hz) sound reproduction and headphone jack
* Available in a silver finish

SRS-A212B – Excellent sound quality active speaker system

* Built-in digital amplifier for powerful sound in a small and slick design casing
* 66mm white cone type unit

SRS-ZP1000 – Powerful Hi-Fi speaker with sound mode switch

* 50W power output and built-in 1 bit digital amplifier for clear sound
* Two separate Sound Modes to deliver the ultimate sound quality for your PC Music and movies/PC Games
* Two inputs to connect to a PC / laptop and an MP3 player

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott. Originally published on 16 October 2007.