Sony's latest audio products, including a new car stereo system, all include Bluetooth functionality to make it easier for devices to stream music.

The CMT-BX5BT is a micro component system that plays MP3 files and displays artist and album info on is little display.

It includes an AM/FM radio tuner as well as a CD player that also reads MP3 CDs.

Its speaker provides 15W of power, while 30 presets make it easy to find your favourite radio stations.

The step up from this is the CMT-HX7BT adds satellite-radio readiness and a digital amplifier for 50W of power.

And then there's the CMT-DH7BT, which also features DVD playback. The three systems will launch in April for between $150 to $300.

A wireless boombox, the ZS-BT1 has also been added to Sony's range. With A2DP and Audio/Video remote control profile it plays both CDs and digital music from wired or wireless devices.

Features include front-loading CD slot, 10-button remote control, and 30 radio station presets. It will be released in August for around $150.

Finally, there's Sony's new AM/FM radio and CD player with Bluetooth, the MEX-BT2500 head unit. It facilitates hands-free phone calls, MP3 CD playback, and Bluetooth audio streaming from digital music players.

It's compatible with up to five different phones, and has an integrated microphone behind the faceplate.

The car stereo, which will deliver 52W of booming in your vehicle, will retail for around $180 in March.