Sony in the US has unveiled a number of new products, the first of which is a new range of audio shelf systems Muteki.

Despite its Japanese-sounding name, Sony says the range was designed with Latin culture in mind. All the systems include D-Light Sync technology for hooking up to party lighting, and come with remote control, AM/FM tuner, and support MP3 playback.

First up is the 880W LBT-ZX80D, which includes a special karaoke feature that scores singers based on their sense of timing and rhythm.

It incorporates a DVD player, supports DivX and MP3 files, as well as Dolby Digital, Dolby Prop Logic II, and Digital Cinema Sound.

Apparently it is built around an air intake system that increases the velocity of the air through the main body to improve performance, prevent dust build-up, and help ventilation.

Next up is the 720W, five-disc CD changer, the LBT-ZX9. It comes with four speakers, each of which is equipped with a double tweeter, to create surround sound effect.

Both systems come with the DJ Style Flash function with Interval Control, which is a job dial that cuts sound periodically and controls the speed of the sound effect, include Wave, Fade, and Balance, and mixing beats.

The LBT-ZX6, which provides only 560W of power with a three-way main speaker, has a five-disc CD changer and mic input for karaoke.

For gamers, the system includes a Game Sync feature to mix front audio/video inputs; it also offers a CD Synchro Recording function so you record CD to cassette.

And finally, there's the MHC-LX10000 system, with 520W of power and two-way front speakers, as well as a three-disc CD changer.

The last two products are available for $400, while the LBT-ZX9 will be available in March for around $600, and the LBT-ZX80D will be launched in May for $700.

Pricing and availability will be announced in the UK later next month.