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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has extended its ES range of AV receivers, and has reaffirmed its commitment to music with a new SACD/CD player and amplifier.

The new ES range is designed with interoperability in mind, as well as similar styling, so that they work together in a home cinema setup.

The STR-DA1200ES AV Receiver is Sony’s entry-level model, but still packs in seven-channel amplification, HDMI switching compatible with resolutions up to 1080p, Digital Cinema Auto Calibration, and 7.1-channel audio inputs and outputs. In addition, it features optical and coaxial audio inputs along with analogue connections, video switching for component, composite, and S-video, and a 60-preset FM/AM tuner.

Sony isn’t finished with it yet. Two of the seven 100W amplifier channels can biamp the front speakers in a 5.1-channel system; equalization is available on all main speaker channels; and Digital Cinema Sound modes can be used to optimise sound for home cinemas.

The next in line is the 7x110W STR-DA3200ES AV Reciever, which adds Linear PCM sound in stereo, 5.1 or 7.1-channel forms delivered through the HDMI input, and adds multiroom capability so that it can deliver different sources to the main room and a second room.

The flagship produce, the 7x120W STR-DA5200ES, that adds the stereo version of Digital Cinema Auto Calibration, for great accuracy of set-up; signal switching received via three HDMI inputs; and upconversion of all analogue video inputs.

The SCD-XA1200ES SACD/CD Player is designed for the playback of multichannel and stereo audio discs, and users Sony’s Super Audio D/A conversion. The TA-FA1200ES Stereo Amplifier is designed to work with the CD player. It’s a 100W per channel stereo amplifier with the world’s first amplifier with automatic calibration.

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The STR-DA1200ES is available this month, while the other devices are following in October and November.

Writing by Amber Maitland. Originally published on 19 September 2006.