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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced a 5.1 soundbar, subwoofer and surrounds system that provides full cinema sound for a reasonable price.

The Sony HT-S40R system comprises a slim soundcar that provides the centre and front-left channels, a subwoofer and wireless rear left-right bookshelf speakers. There is also a miniature wireless amplifier that powers the rears.

The setup is designed to work wirelessly with Sony Bravia TVs too, all through Bluetooth.

Mobile devices can also stream audio over Bluetooth to the system directly. It comes with a USB port too, so you can connect a source that way.

Optical and analogue inputs are available, while HDMI ARC is supported for a better hook up with an enabled television.


Overall power output is 600W, with four sound modes offering specific audio signatures for cinem or music, or choose between standard and auto modes.

Another two modes - voice and night - accentuate speech and adjust volume on bass respectively.

The system is Dolby Audio capable but not Dolby Atmos - it doesn't have upfiring front speakers for starters. It comes with a dedicated remote control.

The Sony HT-S40R 5.1 system will be available from May 2021 for £349 in the UK, €389 in Ireland and Central Europe.


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Writing by Rik Henderson.
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