(Pocket-lint) - The second iteration of the Sony's glass speaker, this new model features an improved design that will instantly add a bit of class to any room you put it in.

Looking more like an elaborate little table lamp than a speaker, the device is actually both a light and a high-res audio compatible speaker, with Sony hiding the speaker elements into the clever design.

The light, which is a small LED, has 32 levels of brightness and can be set to flicker like a candle too.

The speaker is both the incredibly heavy silver compartment at the bottom of device and the glass tube that surrounds the light – and that’s the clever bit about the glass Sound Speaker.

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Sony has worked out how to vibrate the glass to create sound, very much in the same way it does with the company’s top of the range OLED TVs and the glass is, in fact, the tweeter. 

Because of the circular design, it means you can put the speaker in the centre of the table and music will fire out in 360 degrees.

SonySony Lspx-s2 Glass Sound Speaker Is Perfect For Those Romantic Moments Just Dont Ask About The Price image 2

A listening demo with Pocket-lint away from the show floor at CES showed us what the speaker is capable of and we have to say it sounds fantastic to the point we were tempted to put it in our bag when Sony wasn’t looking.

And because Sony wants to encourage you to put it on the table at a dinner party it comes with a rechargeable battery that will last 8 hours, saving you front cluttered wires.

On the connectivity front, you get Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. The speaker is also NFC One-Touch compatible for even faster pairing. and you’ll also be able to connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi and stream Spotify Playlists straight to the speaker without needing to touch your phone with the speaker supporting Sony's Wireless Multi-room to connect function to pair up to 10 other compatible Sony audio devices over Wi-Fi or if you've got two, a stereo pair. 

The catch, there’s always a catch. Well, it’s the price. Coming to the US in May and the UK in “Spring”, the Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker costs a range eye-watering £550/$600.

It is very nice though.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Editing by Adrian Willings.