Sony has unveiled two new Bluetooth speakers dubbed the SRS-X2 and SRS-X3, both of which promise bass and portability.

Sony, well known for its quality speaker design heritage, has crammed all its smarts into two very small mobile speakers. These join the larger SRS models while maintaining quality but cutting down on size and weight. Both come with NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.

The SRS-X3 is the larger of the two at 850g which gets users a good 7 hours of battery, claims Sony. This uses Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and outputs 20W of sound with a passive bass radiator.

Sony's SRS-X2 is smaller and lighter at 500g while still pumping out 20W of sound backed by a bass-reflex and wider sound range. This comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and should manage 5 hours of playback before the battery gives out.

Both the Sony SRS-X2 at £89 and SRS-X3 at £129 will be on sale in the UK from July. 

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