Yup that headline was a long one. But with a speaker that does so much it's tough to squeeze it all in. Sony, with its SRS-BTS50, has managed to cram portable audio into a splashproof fabric body along with NFC, a 10-hour battery and speakerphone capabilities.

The portable wireless speaker uses Bluetooth 3.0 to let you stream music from your device. It's even got smarts enough, thanks to a built in G-Force sensor, to activate Surround Mode when in a larger area. And using NFC it's as easy as touching your phone to the speaker to begin and doing the same to end - presuming you've left NFC and Bluetooth on, of course.

The rugged speaker also has an aux-in for any other device that might want to join the 2.5W x 2.5W music party. And it comes in black, white, red, blue and pink - all for $130 (£83). Pick yours up when they go on sale in Europe on 19 October.