Sony has launched two new speakers for iPhone and Smartphone users that are in the shape of a ball - or, perhaps, the Death Star if you’re looking for a more sinister angle. 

The two new models: the Sony RDP-V20iP and the SRS-BTV25, will offer the best sound possible regardless of where you put it in a room. 

"Unlike conventional speakers, 360-degree Circle Sound delivers perfectly balanced sound to every corner of the room. No matter where you put the speaker, the music always sounds great. Move it around the room - or house, or garden - and the music still sounds superb," claims Sony. 

The SRS-BTV25, to give it its boring name, will focus on offering users with Bluetooth devices the chance to listen to their music, while the Sony RDP-V20iP will come with a dedicated iPhone docking station on top, enabling you to recharge your Apple phone or MP3 player. 

Both will offer around 5 hours of playback on a single charge via a rechargeable battery. 

Sony says a special bass-boost function ensures party-perfect beats that will not be drowned out by the crowd. An audio-in port means you can connect any non-Bluetooth players you want to use via mini-jack. For maximum convenience, every time you listen to music from your smartphone or iPhone you can also charge it up via a USB charging port.