Sony is keeping it slick with its ultra-slim wall mountable CMT-CX5 audio system.

The idea is that you can either stick the box on the wall or use it as a conventional player on a desktop or shelves. 

Included in the package is something called Dynamic Sound Generator x-tra, essentially a means for Sony to beef up and smooth out sound. 

Our favourite feature on the CMT-CX5 is that it operates as a three box system. You can either keep the unit all as one, or separate the player and speakers and place them in different parts of the room. A speedy user interface is also included so you can get music playing as quick as possible. 

Playback options include USB, CD, line-in and iPhone and iPod compatibility. Helping transform the CX5 into a serious kitchen audio contender is the decision to stick a DAB tuner into the unit. 

The box itself will ship in either black or white and hit shop shelves in August this year.