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(Pocket-lint) - Sony's RDH-SK8iP iPod dock has been kickflicking its way across the net over the last few months, but is now riding into stores across the land, with a not insubstantial price of £189 (Sony.co.uk, pre-order).

The SK8 (and if you need a translation of that, you probably won't want to buy one) doesn't make any claims about being specifically tuned or anything else. As a Sony spokesperson told us today, it isn't "audiophile" and is, in fact, "brutal" - designed to belt out your tunes.

What's unique about this particular iPod dock? The deck can be customised. You simply twist the rings around the two speakers to release the clear plastic front plate so you can add your own skin behind it (not literally your skin, mind). Four designs are included in the box.

Sony has also launched a companion website over at sony.co.uk/skins so you can make up custom designs. Or you could just make them up yourself, a glorious collage of friend pics, gig tickets, Pages 3 girls, whatever.

It comes with a little remote and gives you 75W RMS. It weighs 8kg and measures 605 x 190 x 165mm, so is pretty big. Of course, your iPod or iPhone sits on the dock at the front to provide the tunes. There is an aux input for other audio sources.

HMV are listing the SK8 for £169.99, link below, and we'd expect the price to fall a little elsewhere on the net over the next few months.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 8 June 2010.