Sonos has introduced an addition to the suite of products for the Sonos Digital Music System - the Sonos ZoneBridge BR100.

The new ZoneBridge is the claimed to be the easiest way to set up and extend an all-wireless Sonos Digital Music System.

"We are focused on continually developing innovative ways for our customers to easily enjoy music throughout their homes", said Phil Abram, president of Sonos.

"ZoneBridge provides a cost-effective, flexible solution to connect Sonos to the Internet and wirelessly control and play all the music you love, all over the house."

The ZoneBridge delivers four key benefits to music-loving consumers that provide for an easy way to set up and extend the Sonos system.

First, by connecting it to a router and pressing a single button, the ZoneBridge instantly activates SonosNet, Sonos' wireless mesh network.

SonosNet enables wireless music distribution throughout the home. Now, Sonos says, customers can fill up any room with music wirelessly, by placing Sonos ZonePlayers anywhere in the home.

In addition, the ZoneBridge is a useful way to extend the range of SonosNet to stream music wirelessly to a remote room or guest house by placing one between the remote music zone and the rest of the Sonos system.

For those homes where the speakers have been run to a central location, placing ZoneBridges around the house will provide optimal wireless coverage for the Sonos Controller. And, the ZoneBridge's two Ethernet jacks bring internet connectivity to your set-top box, PVR, PC, and more.

The ZoneBridge is available for £69 at all Sonos retailers and at via