Sonos, 'sperts in wireless multi-room music systems for the digital home, have today introduced a new Sonos Bundle priced at £699.

The Bundle includes three of Sonos’ key products — one Sonos ZonePlayer 80, one Sonos ZonePlayer 100 and one Sonos Controller 100.

The ZonePlayer 80 can be connected to an existing stereo or home theatre receiver to instantly make it part of a digital music system, the ZonePlayer 100 can be connected to speakers and placed in any room and the controller will provide wireless multi-room control of all your music from any room in the house.

This has been brought to market in response to a recent Sonos survey in which new customers said they strongly preferred a mixed ZonePlayer bundle as the ideal way to get started with Sonos.

The BU130 is the most cost effective in Sonos history. representing a 20% discount off of the sum of the individual components, Sonos has reduced the pricing across the entire Sonos Digital Music System product line too.

The busy bees also announced today the release of Sonos 2.2 software to all Sonos customers. The one-button software upgrade includes better music services support, more alarm clock choices, improved internet radio reliability with automatic connection restart, FLAC album art support, and more.

To find out more about the new Bundle, the price cuts and the 2.2 upgrade, visit the link below.