Evesham has launched a new device that doubles as a backup hard drive for your data as well as allowing you to access your music library in any room remotely without even switching on your PC.

Called the MBox, the small device, which is available in storage sizes of 80 - 500Gb, comes with two mirroring hard disks and allows you to back up your data and then share some of it with your hi-fi.

Music, including iTunes tracks (although not those bought via the iTunes Music Store) can then be shared wirelessly to up to five MBridge network music players. The MBridge adapter, which seems to work in an identical way to the Sonos music system, allows you to listen to different music in different rooms at the same time.

Unlike the Sonos system however, each MBridge unit displays song, album, artist, genre or composer information.

Like the Sonos player, the system does come with an all controlling remote, however you will need line of site to the player as it works via infra-red rather than Sonos' wireless capability.

The MBox and MBridge are also compatible with internet radio.
The MBox with two 160 Gigabyte hard drives and an MBridge will set you back £599. Additional MBridges cost £149 each and a choice of HDD sizes are available.