Sonos has begun shipping its digital music system into Europe. The Sonos Digital Music System is a multi-zone digital music system with a wireless, full-color LCD screen controller that lets consumers play all their digital music, all over their home, and control it all from the palm of their hand.

Sonos will offer an introductory bundle of two Sonos ZonePlayers and a Sonos Controller for £900 in an attempt to entice people into parting with their cash.

The system is scalable to provide consumers up to 32 zones of music for those with the really big house, additional ZonePlayers and Controllers are sold separately as you slowly get out of that bed sit your cramped in.

If you feel that you want a set of speakers with your starter pack Sonos will fullfil your need, adding an additional £300 on to the price tag.

Those looking for additional controllers will be able to pick them up for £300 while another base station will set you back £369.