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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos typically announces a couple of products each year. Earlier in 2022, we saw new colours of the Sonos Roam, the Roam SL, and the more affordable Ray soundbar. Now, we also finally have a more affordable subwoofer to join the Ray following months of rumours.

It's long been rumoured the company is also working on headphones, and more recently, a new larger speaker called Optimo, but for now, those remain rumours, while the smaller, and more affordable Sonos subwoofer, dubbed the Sonos Sub Mini, has been made official.

This is everything you need to know about the Sonos Sub Mini.

Sonos Sub Mini release date and price

  • Announced 13 September 2022
  • Available from 6 October 2022
  • £429/$429/€499

The Sonos Sub Mini was announced on 13 September 2022. It will be available from 6 October 2022 in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe. China and India will follow.

In terms of price, it will cost £429 in the UK, $429 in the US, €499 in Europe and $699 in Australia.

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Sonos Sub Mini design

  • 305 x 230mm (12 x 9.1-inches), 6.35kg (14lb)
  • Cylindrical design
  • Black and White colour options

The Sonos Sub Mini moves away from the square shape of the original Sonos Sub, opting for a cylindrical design instead. There is a still a cut out in the centre, like the larger Sub, but the device is much smaller overall and softer in its approach.

The Sonos Sub Mini is available in White and Black colour options, like most of Sonos products and there is a matte finish here. The original Sub had a glossy finish, but the third generation switched to matte, like Sonos' more recent products, such as the Sonos Move and Sonos Roam.

There are no controls on the Sub Mini, but there is NFC at the top of the device for easy pairing and there's a Join button on the back too if the NFC pairing doesn't work. There is also a power port and an Ethernet port.

Sonos Sub Mini specs

  • Less powerful hardware than Sonos Sub
  • Center Tunnel
  • Dual 6-inch force-canceling woofers

As you might expect, the Sonos Sub Mini's internal specifications are similar to the larger Sonos Sub (3rd Gen), but less powerful. The Sub Mini is recommended for small to medium-sized rooms, while the original Sonos Sub is designed for larger rooms.

The cut out - or Center Tunnel as Sonos calls it - is designed to efficiently move air to maximise bass. Internally, there are dual 6-inch force-canceling woofers that face each other within a sealed cabinet to neutralise disortion while promising to deliver the low frequencies of the larger model.

Like the Sonos Sub (3rd Gen), the Sonos Sub Mini has Class-D digital amplifiers and a frequency response down to 25Hz, though it isn't as powerful as the larger model at the higher end. It's expected that the Sub Mini will be paired with the Sonos Ray, Sonos Beam, Sonos One, One SL or the Symfonisk speakers, while the larger Sub be used with the Arc or Sonos Five.

Sonos Sub Mini features

  • Trueplay tuning
  • Automatic equalisation

In terms of features, there's TruePlay tuning available on the Sub Mini and audio settings automatically equalise to balance the Sub Mini and the paired Sonos speaker(s) or component.

You can control the EQ settings in the Sonos app if you want to customise the bass. Volume will automatically adjust with the paired speaker or soundbar, and setup should be super simple.

There is 5GHz Wi-Fi set to speed up audio transmission too. While the Sonos Sub allows you to connect up to three Subs together though, this isn't possible with the Sonos Sub Mini. It's also not possible to connect a Sonos Sub with a Sonos Sub Mini.

Sonos Sub Mini rumours: What happened?

Here is everything we heard about the Sonos Sub Mini before it was announced.

11 August 2022: Sonos Sub Mini appears to have been delayed

Sonos announced its third quarter earnings on 10 August 2022 and at the same time, it confirmed that it has pushed back a product launch, which is thought to be the Sub Mini. 

3 June 2022: Sonos Sub Mini pops up at FCC: Is a budget subwoofer coming soon?

Redditors and Protocol's Janko Roettgers spotted the Sonos Sub Mini's FCC filing was live and shows quite clearly that it will have a cylindrical design. 

FCC Sonos Sub Mini: Everything you need to know about the budget subwoofer photo 3

17 May 2022: Sonos Sub Mini pictured in leak: Is the affordable subwoofer launching soon?

The Verge said Sonos is nearing a release of a "smaller, less costly subwoofer" that can wirelessly pair with the Sonos Ray, as well as the Sonos Beam and Arc.

The site also published a "preview of the Sub Mini's general design", noting it was a 3D render based on an image of the actual upcoming product. 

The Verge Sonos Sub Mini: Everything you need to know about the budget subwoofer photo 2

29 November 2021: Sonos 'Sub Mini' spotted: Is Sonos launching a cheaper subwoofer soon?

A Redditor noticed mentions of a "Sub Mini" in the Sonos mobile app, leading to the belief that Sonos might announce a miniature subwoofer.

Sonos even described the Sub Mini as a "smaller, cylindrical subwoofer" when compared to the larger, more square Sub.

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