Here's what you need to know about the Sonos Ray budget soundbar

The Sonos Ray is a budget soundbar that will sit beneath the Beam Gen 2 but offer some great features. (image credit: Sonos)
The Sonos Ray has capacitive controls like the Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc, but with no microphone. (image credit: Sonos)
The Sonos Ray will connect to your TV via optical rather than support HDMI or HDMI eARC. It has support for Dolby Digital though. (image credit: Sonos)
The Sonos Ray comes in two colour options of black and white, like most Sonos speakers. (image credit: Sonos)
It's claimed the Sonos Ray can be mounted horizontally or vertically and two can be paired together to act as surrounds when linked to a Beam or Arc soundbar. (image credit: Sonos)
The Sonos Ray budget soundbar will be available from 7 June 2022 and cost $279/£279. (image credit: Sonos)