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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has been rumoured to be developing its own voice assistant. Now, new evidence - in the form of code strings and icons within the Sonos app - suggests the company is preparing a "Sonos Voice Control" assistant that helps with playback and device control and apparently plays nice with Alexa.

As first noticed by Protocol, Reddit user u/michary found code in the Sonos app that appears to show voice commands for Sonos Voice Control. Users will reportedly be able to launch and control music playback and volume, change which speakers to use, and check the battery of portable Sonos devices.

This same Reddit user also dug up images of the Sonos Voice Control icon. It's a version of a speech bubble - one very reminiscent of Amazon Alexa's icon. Interestingly, the images also indicate you’ll be able to have Sonos' assistant activated alongside Amazon Alexa - but not Google Assistant.

See for yourself:

RedditSonos voice assistant leak: Latest evidence suggests it works alongside Alexa photo 2

It's worth noting, in August, there was another Reddit leak about the Sonos Voice Control assistant. Basically, Sonos sent out a survey asking for feedback on an in-house assistant that responds to "Hey Sonos". At the time, it was reported Sonos might offer the assistant alongside both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sonos is thought to have begun developing its own assistant as far back as 2019 - or, when it purchased Paris-based Snips, a privacy-focused voice assistant.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 4 November 2021.