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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos and Ikea have both teased that new Symfonisk products are coming, and now, thanks to a Reddit leak, it looks as though the two companies are finally planning a joint virtual press event for this summer.

According to what appears to be an internal Ikea marketing calendar shared to Reddit (and spotted by ExecutiveTraveller), an "Symfonisk Virtual Press Event" is supposedly set to take place on 14 June 2021. Keep in mind a Sonos-Ikea Symfonisk book shelf speaker and a Symfonisk table lamp speaker went on sale in August 2019. Currently, there is no official word on what sort of new Symfonisk "products" might be released in 2021.


Reddit (via executivetraveller)Ikea calendar leak points to new Sonos Symfonisk products coming in June photo 2

That said, there have been FCC filings, leaks, and official teasers on social media. For instance, according to The Verge, an update to the table lamp speaker is imminent and will cost around the same as its predecessor. If true, this would be around £150 in the UK and $179 in the US. 

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A piece of wall art with an integrated speaker - apparently codenamed Titan - has also been rumoured. It, too, is expected to be affordable. Pocket-lint is tracking all the Symfonisk product rumours in a guide here. There aren't huge amounts of details at the moment, however.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.