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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos and Ikea are working on a new Symfonisk device. Neither company has confirmed what the device is but both companies have teased a new product through their social media channels. 

Pocket-lint also reached out to Sonos for confirmation and a spokesperson told us: "The partnership [Sonos and Ikea] is stronger than ever and we're excited about the products we're working on together. We look forward to sharing more when the time is right."

Adding fuel to the fire, Ikea and Sonos applied for an FCC filing and while the manual, operating details and product images haven't been made available on the filing, we know the product is currently called Ikea FHO-E1913 and it is a "wireless device". It was granted at the beginning of April 2021, suggesting that a launch could be imminent or at least within the next couple of months.


Based on the filing, the FCC label could sit at the top on the back of the device and the device could be a square shape like a cube, but the diagram on the filing may not refer to the product at all and simply be for information purposes given the product images have been hidden. Rumours have previously suggested the two companies are working on an update to the Symfonisk Table Lamp - which The Verge has claimed is the case and said it would cost around the same as the original.

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The Verge also said a second product in the Symfonisk line is expected to be a "piece of art with an integrated speaker". It's not clear if the speaker unit will be transferrable between different artworks exteriors, or whether the entire artwork will be the product. The Verge said this product is codenamed Titan and an early image seen by the site is said to reflect Ikea's other wall prints but with more tech on the back, as well as a power cable.

Though details are currently scarce, we know at least one new Sonos Ikea Symfonisk product is coming - with a possibility of two - and given the past products resulting from these two companies working together, we expect a speaker that also has another function, like the original Book Shelf and Table Lamp speakers did when they launched in 2019, so a piece of wall art with a speaker is perfectly plausible.

We also expect any Symfonisk product to integrate fully in the Sonos system, offering all the features other Sonos speakers have.  

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.
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