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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has teased fans with the confirmation it will be releasing a new product next month and confirmed an event for 9 March, but so far, it hasn't detailed what that new product will be. We guess that's fair enough though, it's no fun to know everything right?

The only details in that dangled carrot are the company is "committed to launching at least two products per year", it's "excited to introduce its newest product next month", it plans to deliver "services that enhance and further differentiate the customer experience", it remains committed to "innovation in our traditional product segments" and we will "see continued innovation."


So what is Sonos going to launch?

The options

There are a couple of products that Sonos appears to be working on that could legitimately appear on 9 March. There's probably much more happening behind closed doors but we've seen already a couple of candidates surface in rumours.

Smaller Sonos Bluetooth speaker

A Sonos speaker with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a wireless charging dock appeared on an FCC filing in early February. The filing suggests the speaker will be smaller than the Sonos Move and cyndrical in shape - but it didn't give much else away.

A smaller Bluetooth Sonos speaker that you can pop in your bag and take to the park or beach but that would slot into your Sonos system when you're home would be amazing, especially if the price is right. Move is an excellent speaker, but it is expensive and while it's great for the garden, it's heavy for lugging anywhere else.

Sonos wireless headphones 

Sonos headphones have been doing the rumour rounds for a while now - since early 2019. It was originally claimed they would appear before the end of 2020 but so far, Sonos headphones do not exist outside of rumours.

A very detailed patent offered some idea as to what Sonos headphones might offer if they do eventually appear, and CEO Patrick Spence told Pocket-lint in an interview in 2019 that if it were to enter a different category, it would have to be connected to the Sonos system and offer something unique. "We're not just going to slap a battery on, or slap our brand on something. We want it to be connected to the system and to bring something unique to that space." Spence may not have confirmed headphones were possible, but it wasn't denied either.

We can see Sonos wireless headphones being a real hit with Sonos fans and it's a product category that would make sense for Sonos to expand into, even if it would be up against some fierce competition. With the end of 2020 previously suggested for launch and a patent with some serious detail, surely Sonos wireless headphones aren't a million miles away from being a reality?

Sonos Arc SL

Sonos launched the Sonos Arc in June 2020 with built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It then quietly announced the Sonos Arc SL - a model without the voice assistants for $50 less - at the beginning of December 2020. The Arc SL is only available in the US though, exclusively through Costco.

We wouldn't be surprised to see the Arc SL made available elsewhere during 2021, though we suspect this isn't the product that Spence was referring to when he said "excited to introduce its newest product". While an SL option of the Arc would be great, we're hoping for more than that in March.

What we think Sonos will launch in March

So what are we putting our money on Sonos launching on 9 March? Based on the fact that a new speaker has gone through FCC - which typically means a launch is imminent - we would put our money on a smaller Bluetooth-enabled Sonos speaker launching at the special event in March.

We aren't losing hope for Sonos wireless headphones appearing at some point, we think the timing for a mini-Move is on the money.

It would be just in time for summer - when hopefully we might all get to leave our houses - and if not, then it will still work with the Sonos system at home so surely that's a win-win. Now, if it could just be priced below £150, that would be marvellous.

Naturally we asked Sonos what its future plans were, to which Tom Lodge, director of corporate communications at Sonos said: "All I can say is that we're excited to introduce our newest product next month - and that I'll be in touch with more details soon!" 

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.
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