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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has had a slightly complex time of it recently, with various bits of messaging getting slightly muddled in people's minds about quite what the future holds for its legacy speakers. That's thankfully relatively cleared up now, with the S2 software update, and it looks like it's turning back to matters of hardware. 

Certain sections of its speaker lineup have been pretty static for some time, not least the Sonos Playbar. We first reviewed the giant soundbar and multi-room speaker back in early 2013, and it's been the default choice for a large Sonos soundbar pretty much ever since.


In more recent times the Sonos Beam has arrived to suit people with a little less space and demanding a little less oomph, and it's a superb speaker, but the original Playbar has been available the whole time. Now it seems it'll get an update, if leaked and possibly unfinished product renders are to be believed, uncovered by Dave Zatz.

The renders show an all-new Sonos Playbar with a radically streamlined design that shrinks the bar's height down significantly, although the trademark width remains impressive in span. 

ZatzNotFunny Unfinished renders leak for a new Sonos Playbar 2 image 2

However, low-resolution as they are, the renders are also seemingly incomplete - the one above has a notable lack of ports on the soundbar's rear, meaning that we can't be confident of its connectivity options.

In the absence of a spec sheet, we're also in the dark about what its actual sound will be like either, although there's some speculation that it could bring Dolby Atmos to the table, given the sheer size of the bar. 

Regardless, if these images are accurate it looks like the venerable Playbar is getting a huge update, and we're excited to see whether this gets officially confirmed anytime soon - Zatz cites a launch date of May 6 so we seemingly don't have long to wait. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.