(Pocket-lint) - Sonos will release its forthcoming major software update on 8 June 2020, ahead of several new products being released a couple of days later.

The new software, known as Sonos S2, will add new features to the vast majority of Sonos devices.

It will bring support for higher resolution audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, which is being introduced in the Sonos Arc soundbar as a first for the company.

The user interface will sport a redesign to make it easier to find content. And, there will be new personalisation capabilities, including the introduction of saved room groups.


Sonos' three new products - Arc, Five and Sub Gen 3 - will automatically run on the new software. Other devices will be updated when a user downloads the latest version of the app and follows the setup guide.

Those with legacy devices - as listed here - will be able to continue to use their speakers on the older Sonos software they currently run. However, they will either need to be isolated and run on their own, separate Sonos network, or newer devices need to remain on the older software without access to the new features.

Other new features will come to the Sonos S2 software in time.

Writing by Rik Henderson.