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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has launched its own streaming service, free to all users of Sonos speakers old and new.

Sonos Radio is an ad-supported platform and gives unrestricted access to more than 60,000 digital radio stations from around the world, from partners like TuneIn, plus Global and Radio.com in the US which will be added soon.

There are Sonos Stations too - more than 30 hand-picked music stations across multiple genres. And, Sonos Sound System, an ad-free platform for new and well-known music and behind-the-scenes stories.

SonosSonos Radio Added To All Speakers Free Service With Curated Stations image 1

It also hosts exclusive, ad-free stations curated by musicians and artists, with the first put together by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke.

Other artist stations to be added in the coming weeks include one from Talking Head's David Byrne and another from Brittany Howard, the singer/songwriter previously from Alabama Shakes.

Each of them will choose songs that influenced their careers, plus tracks that inspire them today. As Yorke puts it, he has chosen tracks that "fascinates or moves me, obsesses me, challenges me, opens new doors, reminds me of what i might have forgotten, is insanely complex or elegantly simple, violent, funny, messy, heavy or light. Whatever has hit me over the head basically."

The Sonos Radio service is rolling out now as an update to the Sonos app for mobile, and will then be playable through the company's speakers and devices.

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It is supported by all Sonos kit, including the legacy gear that will continue to work on its own version of the Sonos system software from June.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 17 April 2020.