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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has launched a Trade Up program that will allow owners of some of the older Sonos speakers a discount when they upgrade to newer devices within the Sonos portfolio. 

Sonos first released speakers and components like the first generation Play:5, Connect and Connect:Amp over a decade ago, and these devices have since been replaced, offering more features, more power and better technology. 

Although Sonos is great for releasing software updates that continue to make older devices better, there are some features that require more than just a software update, such as support for Apple's AirPlay 2.

The Sonos Trade Up program has been designed to reward customers who upgrade their older Sonos products by offering a 30 per cent discount on any new Sonos product for each original product replaced.


At launch, eligible products within the Trade Up program will start with the Connect, Connect:Amp, ZP80, ZP90, ZP100, ZP120 and the first generation Play:5. It is not currently clear if the discontinued Play:3 might eventually join this list and perhaps even the Play:1 in the future given it doesn't offer AirPlay 2 support.

If you have one of the eligible products, head to sonos.com/tradeup (USA) or in the UK, and follow the process to register for the Trade Up discount, find the best way to recycle your old product and read the terms and conditions.

You can read all about which Sonos speaker might be best for you in our separate feature and we also have a feature for getting the most out of your Sonos system in our tips and tricks round up.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.
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