(Pocket-lint) - Sonos is holding an event in New York City at the end of August and in Berlin at the beginning of September, presumably to show off some new products and a couple of leaks online have now indicated what these products could be.

Two devices passed through FCC, one of which is thought to be an updated Sonos Connect, while the second device is much more exciting: a Bluetooth-enabled Sonos speaker. 

Dave Zatz spotted the FCC filings which have the model numbers S17 and S23. The S23 has a circular fine print like the new Sonos Amp, leading to the assumption of a new Sonos Connect, while The Verge claims the S17 is a Bluetooth speaker, featuring 45W of power and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Zatz then shared an image of the Sonos Bluetooth speaker, showing a very similar design to the newer Sonos speakers, with capacitive controls at the top, an LED indicator light and a microphone indicator light. It appears to be rounder than the Sonos One however.

According to The Verge, who followed with more information on the image Zatz shared, the new speaker is claimed to offer a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth toggle switch and integrated handle on the rear of the device. When in Bluetooth mode, it will function like a traditional Bluetooth speaker and not be controlled via the Sonos app, while in Wi-Fi mode, it will function like a Sonos speaker but it will appear with a battery indicator.

The site said the Bluetooth speaker offers Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa control, and it's claimed to be taller and wider than the Sonos One so it won't be a small Bluetooth speaker if this is accurate - likely in the region of Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 but wider. It's also said there will be a charging base but it can also be charged by USB-C so users won't have to take the base with them.

Additionally, The Verge says the speaker will arrive with Auto-Trueplay, a feature that will allow the device to use its internal microphones to adapt to its surroundings. Currently Sonos speakers can be tuned to their surroundings using the Truplay software feature in the Sonos app and an iOS device's microphone so the new feature should make the process easier.

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We expect to find out more in the next few weeks but we're keeping our fingers crossed the leaks are accurate as a portable Sonos speaker is something we've been asking Sonos about since 2015.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.