(Pocket-lint) - A survey recently sent to Sonos users provides some potential hints about what Sonos might be planning.

Zatsnotfunny noticed that some Sonos users on Reddit were discussing a survey they had received from Sonos itself. The survey was seemingly only sent to people who have a Sonos-powered home theater system. There were different versions of the survey, with some devices listed in the survey having different prices, which suggests Sonos was gauging what customers would be willing to pay.

RedditSonos image 2

Sonos was likely also using the survey to collect information about which devices users might want. While we can’t be sure which devices in the survey might eventually make it to market, it’s still a glimpse into what the future might hold. Sonos showed a relatively affordable Sonos Core Sub, priced at $399, in at least one of the surveys. It could be a cheaper alternative to Sonos' current subwoofer.

Also included is a pair of Sonos Dolby Atmos Surrounds going for $699, but other users said they received surveys with price points as low as $399. Dolby Atmos is a feature created to give movies a more three-dimensional sound and has recently gained support on Apple TV.

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This news follows an FCC filing last week that left us wondering whether Sonos is planning on adding satellite speakers to its Playbar. If you add everything up, it'd be easy to assume Sonos will be busy in 2019.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.